EMART 9 x 15 ft Photography Green Screen Backdrop


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The backdrop is made from durable high quality Muslin material and would be a great addition to your studio. This is a great accessory for any studio photographer. It creates a simple background in a neutral color, which help shapes the colors of the subject of the photograph. It is made from 100% cotton to help absorb the light and eliminate reflection.

Our EMART 100% pure muslin backdrop is perfect for television, video production and digital photography.

100% pure muslin material makes the backdrop durable, wrinkle-free and vertical when used.

Adopt single color to highlight your subject. Single piece seamless design makes the backdrop more concise.

Rod pocket on each top edge allows to be draped or hung.


1.Light weight, easy to fold.

2.Completely seamless, made from one piece of material.

3. 100% cotton to absorb the light and help eliminate reflection.


All edges are carefully finished to prevent tears in the material, and should it become stained, it can be dry cleaned or even machine washed.


100% cotton offers very good photographic results, but some combination of hanging, spraying, ironing, steaming and photo editing may be necessary to deal with wrinkles and shadows.

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