Flash Bounce Card with Strap (Silver/White)


  • 2-Sided Card: White and Silver
  • Bounces and Softens Light Quality
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Fits Most On-Camera Flashes
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With a simple design that fits most on-camera flashes, the Silver/White Flash Bounce Card with Strap  mounts in seconds via an elastic strap and allows you widen the flash’s coverage and reduce shadows, while softening the output. The bounce card is reversible – the white side offers a neutral rendition of color and a soft quality of light, making it ideal for a main or fill light. The silver side produces snappier contrast, a cooler color rendition, and an increase in the flash’s working distance.

Reversible White and Silver Card

Choice of the white or silver side offers options in softness and contrast. With either side the beam spread is widened to soften the quality of light and reduce shadows. The white side provides a softer neutral look, while the silver side cools the color temperature, produces snappier contrast, and extends the flash’s working distance for long throw work.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing just 1.6 oz and folding flat, you can tuck it in any kit bag and hardly know it’s there.

Easy Attachment

The card attaches to the flash head in seconds with the included elastic strap.

In the Box

  •  Flash Bounce Card with Strap (Silver/White)

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