MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit


> MagMod Flash Modifier System
> Tele Lens Focuses Flash Beam
> Collapses for Three Spotlight Patterns
> Accepts Optional MagMasks & Wide Lens
> Click Here For MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit Video
> Limited 1-Year Warranty

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MagMod MMBEAMW01 Overview

Illuminate elusive and distant creatures with your compact flash by picking up the MagBeam Wildlife Kit from MagMod. Featuring the essential MagGrip for setting up the MagMod flash modifier system, this kit lets you get started right away with the MagBeam and tele lens combo. The lens helps focus the flash beam, providing an additional 2-3 stops of usable light while also creating a distinct beam with crisp edges. The MagBeam can then be collapsed or extended in any of three positions to create different spotlight patterns. The MagBeam is also able to accept optional MagMasks and a wide lens for projecting patterns on your scene. Additionally, the MagGrip has neodymium rare-earth magnets for quickly mounting various accessories from the MagMod system with ease. And, the silicone rubber material will securely hold the modifiers without damaging your flash.

In the Box

MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit
MagMod MagGrip
MagMod MagBeam Tele Lens
Limited 1-Year Warranty

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