Hiffin GreenScreen Fabric Backdrop Only (8ftx12ft)


  • Fabric Material
  • 8ftx12ft Size
  • Carrying bag
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Hiffin Greenscreen Backdrop Overview

  • 📸【PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND CLOTH】- HIFFIN background cloth size is 8×12 ft, It is a professional green background cloth for matting, with uniform color, pure color and high discrimination, which is very conducive to matting. . Our background cloth is an upgraded style, with increased density, smoothness and high gloss.
  • 🎬【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS】 – HIFFIN green photographic background cloth is dense and thick, is a polyester-cotton blended fabric, wear-resistant and durable. When shooting, under strong light, no light is transmitted or reflected, so there is no need to worry about affecting the shooting. The material is environmentally friendly, the fabric is soft and washable, and it can be used for dynamic and static matting. It is very suitable for studios, photography studios, photo studios, etc.
  • 📸【MACHINE WASHABLE】- HIFFIN background cloth can be washed in a washing machine. Don’t worry if it is dirty. It will not be easy to pilling and will not fade after washing, the cloth will not be damaged after washing in the washing machine. It can be used for a long time. Suitable for people who need long-term photography or use, suitable for studios, families, weddings, parties, children’s photography, product photography, TV, video production, etc.
  • 🎬【EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP】- The cutting edge of HIFFINs background cloth is artificially seamed, with exquisite seaming craftsmanship to ensure that the thread will not fall off, and the exquisite craftsmanship will let you feel the different quality. Unlike other background fabrics, you can feel the fabric sparse and loose when you get it in your hand, with a general feeling, a general gloss, and a lighter color.

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